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So it's finally summertime and lots of people go on holiday! Sadly enough I'm not one of those people. This year we won't go on holiday, which means we will stay here at home. I was so upset when I heard that we wouldn't go anywhere. Mostly because since I was born we went every year to Morocco to see my family, so I don't know how it is to stay at home. But than I thought maybe I can make this summer good and not just stay at home all day and watch series. So I made a list of what you could do to enjoy your summer! Hope you like it!

1. Don't stay a whole day at home!

You probably think: But I have nowhere to go? And it doesn't matter! Even if you go to a playground with you little brother or sister, or just go to a supermarket to buy some bread. Or you can take a walk with some music on. It's not something amazing but atleast you won't feel like a sloth the next day! (I used to do it a lot, and I always thought: what is the outside world, never heard of it.)

2. Go fitness

Stop laughing at me I'm serious. Just do something, you can run half an hour and after the workout you will feel a lot better because at least you did something. You can also just go rope jumping or play POKÉMON GO. Literally the best thing about that game is that you need to move to play it. 10 JUMPING JACKS HIT IT NOW!

3. Go do something with your friends

It is so cool to do stuff with your friends (the ones who didn't go on holiday). Those people know exactly how you feel because they ain't going also anywhere! You can do something fun like go to the cinema or just have lunch with them. You will have social contact and that's pretty great. If they are good friends you can do every week something. I love to chill at home to be honest, to watch a film or just Youtube but yeah that's me.

4. Go on a 24h-trip

If you're old enough and have permission of your parents it is so cool to go on a 24h trip! If you have someone to go with at least. Here in the Netherlands there are a lot of companies who do 24h trips. You can go with the bus to Paris, London or Berlin! It is such a cool experience! I did this last year with my father and my sister, we went to London for the day and it was so cool! I personally love London and I think we are going this summer again! I'm so excited. Ps. If you have nobody to go with just go with one of your parents (or both)! The amazing thing is that it's not expensive at all, but you do have to keep in mind how much you want to spend and stuff like that! I really recommend this to you it's literally so awesome I would do it all over again!

5. Watch new series

Okay we all know how obsessed I am with series. I love to watch them and at the moment I am still watching The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. It's fun to spend time that way. Don't watch it the whole day though because that's one step too far. It's actually more fun when you watch with someone to be honest. Because you can talk about the episode(s) and stuff like that! It's nice to have someone to talk to during a serie I think.

6. Read a book

*Connor Franta's voice* Read a book! I love to get into stories and to spend my day like that. you don't even have to read it at home! You can read it in a park or just in your garden. In that way you will get at least some fresh air while reading!

7. Do some chores

This is a normal thing for me but refering to point 2, YOU ARE MOVING, GO YOU! You can clean your room and be a useful piece of shit instead of watching series all day long. Sometimes I like to do some chores I don't know why. Maybe I'm just weird.

8. Do thing that YOU like

In my case it's watching Youtubers I love! It is something I love to do and it makes me happy. I also love to listen to new music and discover it. Those are just little things that makes my day better and it I hope you will find little things that make your day better!

That's all I have for you today! I love giving tips and make a top 5 of somethings I enjoy. I hope I made your day a little bit better and these tips will help you to make your holiday better! You can always comment and give me tips how I should make my holiday better, I would gladly receive them. Don't forget to follow me If you like my posts and I will see you next week!

Love you all lots

Signing off

Sofia Without Knowledge

Sofia Without Knowledge

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