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Welcome to another post! This is my first official post in 2017. Time flies and it already is almost March. My birthday is getting closer yay! So are my finals, less yay. Before I start the review I want to tell you all one thing I already achieved from my previous post: I GOT MY THEORY EXAM FOR MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! I was so happy when I saw that I passed the test! Step 2 is to actually get my driver's license! Okay that's all let's start this review.

I got a few months ago an email if I would like to review some products for Salcura. I said yes because I have eczema on my arms and nothing has helped me to get rid of it. So why wouldn't I give it a shot? They gave me two products to review. Let's go!

Who is Salcura?

Salcura is a brand who only works with natural products to heal you eczema, psoriaris and more. It started 10 years ago with a doctor called Martin Schiele who was a biomedical doctor. He wanted to prove that natural products can also help the skin to get better and to diminish the eczema for example. Well he proved that it is indeed possible that natural products can heal the skin. They don't use any chemicals inn their products what is kind of awesome I think. Now his nephew Martin Schiele Jr. made the company go international and successful.

Salcura's products are Parabens, animal ingredients, sulfates, mineral oil, Lanolin, paraffin, silicons and synthetic fragrances FREE!

The products are also not tested on animals.

Salcura has two lines: Bioskin and Bioskin Junior (for children above 3 months old)

Bioskin Dermaspray

( right in the picture)

The first product I am going to review is the Bioskin Dermaspray. They let me chose which product I wanted to review and I this product caught my eye. I thought omg a spray. How amazing is that? So I was like yes this one please! I loved this product. I used it almost everyday because it was so easy to use. You only use this product on your body. You spray one time and that's enough for your whole arm. It smells very natural and Mother Nature like. I liked that. After a few days I had an allergic reaction on my arm (it wasn't that bad but it was still an allergic reaction.) I was gutted. I liked the product and I couldn't use it ever again. My skin is sooooo sensitive and I have an allergic reaction on almost everything. I am allergic for so many things, I hate it. So for my skin personally it wasn't really my thing but I would recommend it if you don't have a billion allergies like me. There must be something in it that my skin can't handle.

Bioskin Zeoderm

the right product

Okay so the first product was for your body and this product was for your face. I used this in the same time as the Dermaspray. This product smells also very natural. It's not a thick cream but very also not very thin. It's in the middle somewhere. Sadly you can guess it, I was also allergic for this one. My face was red after I used it a few times. I looked like a tomato. I thought that this product would work for me as it's natural and there are no chemicals in it. But I was wrong. I am allergic for something that's in it. I stopped using it after a few days of trying it and a month later I tried again, but with no result. (well there was a result to be honest and that was that I became red) Again I was very sad that these products weren't for me. I don't use anything on my face except moisturiser. 

I would say I would give it a try if your not allergic to anything. I loved that Salcura wanted to work with me and I appreciate it. Check there link out below!

Thanks again for reading this post and I appreciate you all, every single one of you! I hope you have an amazing week and see you next time! If you have any questions about the products feel free to ask them!

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