Zoella Noticed Me?

Hello Humans!

So the other day, I was scrolling on Twitter not doing much when Joe Sugg tweeted something about having a long neck and looking like a giraffe. A fan tweeted a GIF to him and Zoe where he responded with a laugh emoji. So me being me tweeted Joe and Zoe that they should stop creeping because it's scary to think that they could see all our tweets without us knowing they do. So after the tweet I continued scrolling because that's what I do. I went to Zoe's account to see her tweets and her likes. Until I saw my name pop-up in her 'likes-section'. So I was like huh? Am I on a fanaccount, what is this? So then I went to my notifications and I saw that Zoe literally liked my tweet. Well after me seeing that you can say that I lost it. I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING IS THIS REAL? I didn't expect this at all so I was so happy! Kids, your idol will notice you one day and it's on a day you won't expect it. Zoe Sugg is one of my biggest inspirations because she's such a beautiful and nice human being. She's one of my favourite Youtubers like some of you probably already know! This was the biggesy shock in my life that a 'Celeb' noticed me, and that the 'Celeb' luckily one of my favourite one is! Zoe is a great person who will never do you harm. She's a big heart and I hope I can meet her one day to tell her that in person. I just wanted to share this little story with you guys because it kinda is a big thing for me. Some of you will probably think that I'm weird for thinking that this is special or 'worth a post' but for me it is.
The original tweet!

Never gonna delete this mail!
I love Zoe's products! Can't wait for her Christmas Edition.

As always I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and I hope you had and will have a lovely week! Never stop believing guys, amazing things will happen to you!

Thank you Zoe, You're da best (She will never read this but whatever)

Signing Off

Sofia Without Knowledge
(PS. The first picture is not mine, the original one! I used Zoe's photo from a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago)

Sofia Without Knowledge

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