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It's Saturday and that means a new blog post yay! So today I was thinking about what I should talk about and then I looked at my left where my book collection is and here I am writing about it. It's not my whole book collection though, it's just the collection of books that I have written by Youtubers that I love! So let's get started!

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

My favourite Youtuberssssssssss! I really love Dan and Phil, they really are the best I think. This book is so awesome it has so many stories in it that I didn't know about and it's just a fun book to have. Every page is literally art. They are all colourful and weird. Just like them. There are random facts and games and all kind of stories from before their life on Youtube! I love how they throw in jokes and talk to each other while we are reading the book! It is great. It's like a video but in this case you are looking at a paper page. Everything they say I literally read it in their voices If you love Dan and Phil like I do, I guarantee that you will enjoy this book!

Caspar Lee

This is my most recent book I bought. Caspar is so awesome and cool, I really needed this book! I think it is so interesting to know how his life was and how it has changed so dramatically. It's really crazy to think about it. I would love to go to South Africa one day, It is such an awesome country I think. I'm currently reading this book and I already love it! It is literally from the beginning of Caspar Lee's life so you really know everything about him after you read this book. The only thing that really distracts me while reading it is Caspar's little notes! At one side it is funny, but at the other side I'm like CASPAR SHUT UP LET YOUR MOM TALK. Still love Caspar though!


Joe Sugg, the best prankster I know and the nicest human being yay! I never met him but I would love to! Username: Evie was a great graphic novel and well written. But the only thing that I didn't like was that it was soooo short! I know it's hard to write a graphic novel but when I was done reading this I was like noooo I want more! I want to know what happens after the adventure but yeah, I'm glad he's writing a new one! Joe said that Username: Regenerated is much better than Username: EVIE. I'm so excited about his new book, and I hope he's right!

Girl Online & Girl Online On Tour

Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella is my favourite female youtuber from the UK. (Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman is my favourite US one). Girl Online was my first book that I bought! I was so excited and loved that it was a real story. The book was in my opinion great! It's a normal girl meets boy story. Nothing wrong with that. Personally I think it's awesome that Zoe put mental issues in the book that so many teenagers are struggling with! That is really a good move from Zoe! The book was great and the story was very modern and good I think. Her second book was also good. I loved this book more than the first one to be honest. I literally wanted to know who the person was that threatened Penny and I really didn't expected who it was! Or I'm very stupid that I didn't see that because that always happens to me, also in films. I do think that people younger than me will enjoy this much more than I did! Still loved it though. Zoe is amazing and I'm excited for her new book that will be launched very soon! 

Generation Next
I bought this book with my Caspar Lee book! I didn't read it yet because I started with the Caspar book. I love that Oli wrote a book with a story because those books are my fave! I can't really say something about it, I do love Oli though. I'm excited to read it and after I read it I would love to do a review about it! 

A Work In Progress
This book is literally art in your hand. The book is seriously Tumblr in real life. Connor Franta did such a good job with this book and I am really proud of him! He is such a smol bean, how can someone not love him? His story is amazing and I love how he writes! The little funny jokes and the AMAZING photo's that he all took himself! It's my most precious book because it is so beautiful. If someone touches my book I'm going to kill that person. (but not really I'm just joking) Connor is awesome and so is his book! Ps. In the second picture you see that the back of the book is slightly red and It's because I wanted to be careful with it so If I went somewhere and I knew I wanted to read it I would put the book in a bag. One time I had put it in a red bag and this is what happened! I got to say that I ended up crying that my book was ruined and wanted to buy a new one. (I know I'm crazy and weird let me live pls)

The Pointless Book

I bought this fun book with Zoe's book! I think it's a great book to bring with you if you travel! The only stupid thing is that I don't travel a lot so I haven't used it very much. I have played the games and stuff and of course I have tried to fill in a lot of pages but it never stops! The book is never done and at one side it's good so you can have more fun every time you open it but at the other side I have this book for more than a year now! Not that I care, it is exciting! I do have to say that fun books aren't really my thing! Maybe I should buy The Scrapbook Of My Life to enjoy a real Alfie Deyes book! And by real I mean 'a story' instead of games. I think it is such an original idea! I haven't seen any Youtuber do this, only Alfie! Ofcourse there are more fun books like Wreck This Journal, but Keri Smith isn't a Youtuber so that's why I think It's so original!

That was it for this week guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, leave me a comment and give me suggestions what I should do next week! Also don't forget to follow me.

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