My Top 5 Favourite Series

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So today I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 series with you guys!
I watch a lot of series because I have no life and I'm bored 24/7. So here are my favourite series at the moment! By the way, what series would you recommend watching? Leave your suggestions in the comments and I will see you next week with another post!

5. The Flash

The Flash is such a good serie, I love it. It's about a guy named Barry Allen who has been struck by lightning. After the accident he has got a superpower to run really fast (literally the fastest man alive). His mother died at a young age and the whole world thought it was his father who murdered his mother. Turns out that's it's something else that killed his mother. If you want to know who did it you should start watching it! That's all I'm gonna say about what the serie is about! Why I love it so much? because Grant (Barry) is such a good actor and The Flash really suits him, I think no one would be a better Flash than him. Also Cisco is me, I LOVE CISCO. He's the most funniest guy ever and also because it's a new serie (it started in 2014). I think it's so decent, like they are really living in this modern world. In the beginning I thought: why would I watch a serie about superheroes? And literally after one episode I was hooked up. I really recommend you to watch it! Also if you watch Arrow you definitely will love this!

4. The Walking Dead

We all want a zombie apocalypse to happen, but if you watch The Walking Dead I think you would change your mind (or not). TWD is mostly about Rick Grimes who woke up from a coma and sees that there is nobody alive in the hospital and that there are only zombies. He will find a group of people who are alive and they are trying to survive. I think that's the main storyline. I think it's such a great serie because it is so exciting. You never know what will happen and you get so attached to the characters because they are like one big family. The only thing you want is that they stay alive and that they will find a place to be safe. There is one way to kill the zombies and that's to shoot them or stab them in the head. After someone dies they are going to turn into a zombie, so it's not only the dead that are zombies but also the current people who will die. I really love this show even though I'm not caught up yet! I'm currently on episode 12 from season 5. My favourite season so far is season 2 and 4 I think. If you like action and a little bit of horror this could be the perfect serie to watch! The amazing thing is that every character is so different and if the zombie apocalypse never had happened they would have never met. This is definetely one of my favorite shows right now!

3. Breaking Bad

Okay guys let's talk about this badass show, Breaking Bad. I am watching this with my sister but we haven't finished it yet. We still need to watch the last episode of season 3. This serie is so so so good. I cannot even express my feelings about it. It's about a guy named Walter White. Walter is a teacher in chemistry and he finds out he has lungcancer. Unfortunately he doesn't have the money to pay for the treatment. Some old friends of Walter offer him money. But he won't accept it. He tells his wife he did accept it even though he's lying. So his wife thinks the couple are paying for his treatment. In the meantime Walter finds an old pupil of his, Jesse Pinkman, who deals meth. He asks Jesse to help him, because he knows everything of chemistry so it's not hard for him to make meth. So he makes it and Jesse sells it. In that way he can pay for his own treatment and leave money for his family if he dies. Ofcourse there are going to happen some crazy stuff and It's going to be very exciting and nervewrecking. I love this serie so much, it is so awesome because the storyline is so good. It is at the same time funny but I have to say, the first episodes weren't that cool or exciting, it really needed to build up till season 2 I feel like. (but no worries season 1 has only 6 episodes). I can't say what my favourite season is so far beacuse I haven t fully watched it! I have to admit Jesse is getting cooler every new season. I'm so excited to watch what will happen in the next seasons! Oh wait I forgot something! The only thing I dislike about the serie is that it has no background music, I really hate that. Still I recommend you to watch it beacuse I swear you will have no regrets!

 2. Prison Break

One of the series I can rewatch a billion times is Prison Break. It still gets me every time I watch it. Nothing can be so cool as in Prison Break. It's about a guy named Michael Scofield who commits a crime (he robs a bank) to get in prison to save his brother. Lincoln Burrows is Michael's brother. Lincoln has killed the brother of the vice president. The only problem here is that he hasn't killed anyone and that he has to sit in prison undeserved. Michael is there to save him. Because it's such a big crime they are going to execute him in a few weeks. Michael chose to be in the Fox River prison to be closer to his brother. He wants to get Lincoln out and he had made a whole plan how to do that. SPOILER ALERT! Michael has the blue prints of the prison tattooed all over his upper body with all clues how to get out. This serie is very hard to explain but you really have to watch it! It is a serie full of suprises that nobody can excpect! Literally every one I know that has watched it said that it is one of the best series ever! I love this serie because Michael does everything for hs brother and I jus love action series but this one has also love, crime, and a lot more! My favouite seasons are 1 and 3! They are just so good I love them. If you have nothing to watch I really really really recommend this one! (Michael & Lincoln are awesome btw) I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SEASON I AM READY. I have literally finished this show 5 years ago I think, so this really was a suprise! 

1. Game Of Thrones

My favourite serie at the moment is Game of Thrones. Wauw it is just perfect. If you aren't already watching this show you are seriously missing something in your life. No offense! This is the best serie ever like I'm serious. This show is about 7 noble families who are trying to win the throne basically. Before I started watching this I was like: 'omg I am never going to watch a medieval show wtf I hate those kinda stuff.' After 1 episode I was like okay fuck it this is so good. the awesome thing about this show is with every episode you watch there is something going to happen and you are going to die inside. There are no filler episodes like in Breaking Bad. Watch one episode and tell me that you didn't wanted to continue the serie. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. I even hooked my sister up with this show and she was literally like me. I swear it is so hard to explain the storyline because there are so many, so I'm just going to say that you should start watching it. I do have to say there is a lot of nudity, so I wouldn't recommend it to watch it with you parents! my favourite seasons are 1 (duh),3 and 6. I'm so excited for the new season but I'm so sad that we have to wait till next year! GO WATCH IT THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY, BEST SERIE EVER!

Thanks for reading this blogpost! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any recommendations to what series I should watch please leave me a comment! What is your top 5? 

Take care my friends, see you next week!

Sofia Without Knowledge

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