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So today I thought that I wanted to do something different. I have a whole routine I do in the morning because your skin needs to be taken care of! A few months ago I would never take care of my face. It was very dry and a lot of the time I had flakes. Then I watched some videos on Youtube and I realised how important it was to take care of your skin! These products that I used are inspired by Anna Saccone's (she's from TheSacconeJolys, a vlogger family) last skincare video! So without further ado let's start!

Step 1 : Washing your face

A lot of people are probably thinking 'this is a common thing, duh'. But you never know! I wash my face with water first and than apply a little bit of the Garnier PureActive 3 in 1 on the top of my fingers and rub it in on my face. Because it's a wash, scrub and mask you feel those little beads when you are applying it to your face. To be fair I only use it as a wash because it's the easiest thing to do. After you apply it you either wash it off immediately like I do, or keep it on for a few minutes to let the mask dry. You can also use it as a scrub, I do that a few times if I feel the need to.

It's in Dutch because I am Dutch

Step 2 : Toning

This is an important step for closing your pores, it also cleans the dirty things on your face, or make up that you didn't remove good enough. I use the Nivea Essentials Soothing Tonic. I apply the tonic on my face with some cheap pads I bought from a drugstore. I love the smell of this tonic. After using it, my skin really feels clean and smooth.

The smell is so good!

Step 3 : Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the most important skin to take care of, because it's so thin and sensitive. You surely want it to be protected and smooth. Also if you applied the creme around the eye area after a bad night sleep you feel that you are more awake because it hydrates it so much. (well, you probably still look like crap because it is not a concealer so yeah) I use a dutch brand, well it's not really a brand because it's just the drugstore brand so it is pretty cheap. Even though it is cheap I still love it! It is called Eye Cream with Vitamin E from Kruidvat (Like I said, a dutch drugstore). 

Very elegant, much cheap

Step 4 : Oil

People with an oily skin can skip this step because it will only make it only more oily. I have a dry skin so I need this stuff. I have to say you don't have to use it a lot because you will glow like a glowworm! I'm not even kidding. Like the eye cream it's the same dutch drugstore brand that I use. It is called Almond Oil Sensitive from Kruidvat. I have a sensitive skin so I always have to choose carefully what I will apply to my face. I use this on a pad like the tonic. I put the pad on the opening of the bottle and turn it around quickly. I do this 1 time because otherwise I will have too much oil and that is not what I want.  PS. I don't use this everyday because I feel like my skin will become very oily and I don't want that. I use it 1/2 times a week.

A little bit out of focus, sorry

Step 5 : Moisturising

The final step for my face! This will make your face feel finished! I love moisturisers because it really hydrates your face and it feels very healthy. I use the Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Anti-Shine Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. I love this stuff, it really keeps my skin matte for the whole day and I apply a little but on the top of my finger and rub it in my hands for a second and than apply it all over my face. It is a good moisturiser and especially for oily and mixed skins. After this step you can do whatever you want with your face. I never have make-up on my face so after this step I'm done.

It's in German so that is why it looks weird but it really is the name that I said!

Step 6 : Body Serum

After my face is done I use the Vaseline intensive Care Repairing Serum. This serum is sooo good. I use it on my arms and legs. Before, my legs were very very very dry and it had lots of flakes on it. but after using this serum it went so smooth. Sadly I'm almost running out of it so I need to buy a new one ASAP! I squeeze the serum directly on the place where I want it, instead of on my hands first. Because if I apply it on my hands first a lot of product will stay in my hands if you know what I mean. I rub it slowly in my skin but with a little bit serum I do my whole legs. So you need to rub it in but also move so it will spread to different places. This serum is amaze balls.

It really is empty, dammit

Step 7 : Body Mist

As we all know I am a big Zoella fan, so when I saw this product from her beauty range I was like oehhh I want this. I am talking about the Zoella Beauty Let's Spritz! Fragranced Body Mist. I apply this to my skin so yes I will write about it in my skincare routine post. I love the smell of this body mist and to be honest it stays on for a lot of hours. The smell is very fruity but not too much, if you know what I mean. Of course it's fruity because it's from her Tutti Fruity range. After this step I'm completely done with everything and I can move one to breakfast and stuff. 

My favourite!

This whole routine looks pretty long but in real life I do this in less than 10 minutes! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did let me know in the comments! Hope you had a lovely week!

PS. This is not an advertorial post, all opinions are mine

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