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Hello Humans!

So Friday I went shopping with a friend of mine and we bought quite some good stuff. I already am buying clothes for Autumn because I am so excited for it to start! I love Autumn because of the weather and it's not too cold, the candles and of course the beautiful, colourful leafs falling down! It gets me so excited to just think about it! I can ramble about Autumn all day so I'll stop right here. I hope you enjoy this post!
These are the clothes that I bought!

So the first store we walked in was of course the Primark. Sometimes I fall in love with the clothes and sometimes I just can't find anything that I like. Last time when I went to the Primark I couldn't find anything that I really really liked. But this time I found a few things that were pretty decent I think. I was planning beforehand to buy already something for Autumn and I'm glad that I found 2 jumpers.

The colour is kinda baby pink in real life

I love the colour of this jumper!

The first jumper I bought is a baby pink colour. I love the little zippers on each side of the jumper. It's a very comfy jumper with a little turtleneck. I think you look very classy in this and warm at the same time. This jumper cost 11 EUR (12 USD, 9 GBP)

Yay, this is me

very very comfy

The second jumper is a burgundy colour with a few cities on them. I like the print of the jumper. It is very casual I think. But that's literally me so I had to buy it. The funny part is that I couldn't find my size in this jumper so I bought a size 44 (UK:16 , US:14) But even though it is way too big, I like how baggy it is but also very comfy and Autumny. This jumper was very cheap, it was only 6 EUR (7 USD, 5 GBP)

The next thing I bought in the Primark is a white T-shirt because I really needed one, sometimes I just want to wear something very simple. Frankly, this T-shirt is not very see through and I am very happy with that, because I hate clothes that are see through on myself. This T-shirt was 5 EUR ( 6 USD, 4 GBP). I am very happy with it.

That was it for the Primark! The next store we went to was the Bershka. I really looove the Bershka it really has my sort of clothes in it and it is not very expensive I think. I wanted to buy so many thing in there but I am kinda broke at the moment so I thought maybe next time. I did buy a high waist jeans because I really needed one. I love high waist jeans because they keep everything in place and are very comfortable. So I bought a blue jeans basically. The jeans were 20 EUR ( 22 USD, 17 GBP) PS. I am wearing the jeans in all these photo's! 

The last clothing store we went to was the H&M what my favourite store is. I gotta say I wasn't planning to buy anything after the jeans because I have a whole month to live on with the money that is left. But I found a T-shirt that was in the sale and very very cheap and even though it has way to many colours for me, I thought why not? The shirt was only 3 EUR ( 3,3 USD, 2.5 GBP) So I was like alright even though I am going to wear it just once it doesn't matter. (at least it's not on food I spend those 3 EUR at, like usually)

bad quality pic sorry!

the colours aren't really that bright, it was just my phone

Blue with burgundy and yellow wauw
The last store we went to was a stationary store called Hema. As you probably all know, school has started and we've got to be prepared! I bought a notebook with 4 layers in it so you can divide the sheets within every class you have. i don't know if that's proper English but I hope you understand what I mean. The notebook was 1,50 EUR (1.6 USD,1.2 GBP). I also bought some highlighters because mine were empty. I think they were 2 EUR ( 2.2 USD, 2.6 GBP). And I bought a pencil case because mine is 5 years old and I really needed a new one! It's very simple nothing too special but good enough to make it through the year! 

This was it for my mini haul and I hope you liked this post! What is your favourite item from this haul? I hope you had a lovely week and I see you guys next week!

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Sofia Without Knowledge

Sofia Without Knowledge

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