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It has been ages since I wrote another post again and I wanted to write one for so long! I just didn't have time now that school has started and I don't sit all day at home anymore. I really have to make some sort of planning! But don't worry, I'll manage! It's finally October and I AM SO EXCITED YAY! Now let's start with this post!

So this is my senior year in high school. My exams will come very very soon and after that I I have to choose what I want do to with my life. The problem is, I can't make decisions. If I need to choose between 2 things I will freeze. I just can't make decisions and especially big ones, like what I want to do after high school. I don't know what I want to do? I can't even choose what film I want to watch next because there are so many I still need to see. If you ask me in the supermarket Ice cream of crisps? I will literally sit there for 10 minutes to think every possibility there is and what I really really want. That's the reason I let other people choose everything for me. But this time I have to make the choice all by myself. The problem is now that I'm scared that I'll make the wrong decision and that has happened a lot to me. Back to the supermarket example. If I need to choose what row I'm going to stand in, I always choose the one that I think it's the shortest. Turns out its always the wrong one. Has this happened ever to you? This is a weekly thing for me to be honest! Okay back to the serious topic. So I do have a plan, but I don't have a plan B and that is going to be an issue if plan A doesn't work out. I have to do more research and just ask people in college how they made the final decision.

This is a little bit different than my normal posts, but I don't think that it's a problem!  Do you ever have problems with making decisions and how do you make the final step? Leave me please your answers in the comments so I can learn from it!

I hope you had a wonderful week and let's party because it is finally October!

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Sofia Without Knowledge

Sofia Without Knowledge

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