My Sister's Wedding

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Welcome to another blogpost! I know I always say this but it has been ages since I wrote a new post. It's so hard to combine school and work and blogging! How do you even do that? Please help me if you have the same issues and actually know how to do everything at once. So in this little period I went MIA I had my sister's wedding! I made a poll on Twitter and everyone wanted to know how it was and all that so here it is!

We are Moroccan so our weddings are very very different than 'normal weddings'. If you are Moroccan your wedding day has 2 parts. You have a Henna-day and the actual wedding. On the Henna-day you celebrate your last day as a not-married women. Like a Bachelorette Party! On that day it is all about the bride! Family and friends come to celebrate it and the groom will come also to make photo's with the bride, but he doesn't sit with her all night. He will sit in another room with all the men to chill and talk while the ladies are partying. Basically that's it. Oh wait I forgot the most important part of the night! On that night the bride will get henna on her hands and feet because that's what we do. So everyone is dancing and the bride is watching while getting henna on her hands and feet. Now let my story begin:

The Henna-day

So the Henna-day of my sister was pretty stressful. I had booked my driver theory test on the same day as my sister's Henna-day. Pretty stupid right? I didn't got any chance to study so I had a feeling I wouldn't pass it. And I was right, I had 4 faults to much so I need to take it again one day. The day went pretty chill for me. But not for everyone else! Everyone was running to make everything perfect before the party began which was in the evening. At 4pm we went to my oldest sister's house because there would the party take place. The party would start at 6pm but I hadn't  done my hair and makeup yet! My sister who was getting married took her straightener with her so I couldn't style my hair until I went to my sister's house. So I had 2 hours to style my hair and to curl them because I wanted curls. Beside that I also had to help to set everything up. Fortunately I was finished on time and I could help with putting the last pieces up. The guests arrived and the party started! It was so much fun, I want to go back! My sister looked flawless! The food was great which made it even more perfect! My sister from Paris came a little bit late because her husband had to work and after he was done they came immediately! It takes 4 hours to drive to Paris from where I live so I don't see her that much. I have a lot of family in France and some came on the Henna-day and others came on the actual wedding day. After the party was over we were all exhausted and when we went back home and everyone went straight to sleep because we needed to wake up early the next day!

The Wedding day

I had to wake up at 8.30am because I had to go to the hairdresser to style my hair. I was all done but I had one problem: no one could bring me to the hairdresser so I was late. After my sister dropped me of half an hour late I could finally relax for an hour or 2. Problem #2 : no one could pick me up because everyone was busy doing things. Finally my sister from Paris picked me up and we went back home.There were so many people at home I was shocked. Everyone was running like the scene from Home Alone at the beginning of the film. At a Moroccan Wedding-day we have a thing that we do and that is that the groom picks the bride up at her house so that she is officially 'out house'. Everyone was getting ready before the groom and his family showed up. There was music and the groom took her 'away'. We all went to the park to make photo's with them and after we finished we let the newly weds alone for their own photo shoot. We went straight to the location to change our clothes into our traditional ones. At 6pm we were welcoming the guests while the bride was getting ready for her first dress. (After their photo shoot they went immediately to the location so she could change to dress #1) At Moroccan weddings the bride wears 3 (or more) dresses. That's just how we do it. The first dress was beautiful. She came in and they danced a little bit and then she sat down and took pictured with everyone who wanted one. After she sat for like half an hour she went back to change to dress #2. Of course she had someone who did her hair and makeup and made sure that everything went okay. In her second dress she ate with the family and made pictures again. After that she went back to change for dress #3. This dress is a very very very traditional dress that is from our roots in Morocco. She danced with it and we danced with her of course. Her last dress was the same dress she wore for her photo shoot in the park. The wedding was so much fun and my sister looked like an actual princess! After she wore her last dress which is the famous white dress, it was time for her to leave and to go. She would go to Dubai for her honeymoon so that's pretty awesome. After the night was over my feet were killing me because I wore high heels all night. It was different without my sister but we had a lot of fun. Plus our house was still full because our family from France stayed the night. I love it when we are all together and have fun. It was an amazing night I will never ever forget!
My dress on the actual wedding!
I am so sorry that I couldn't show you the dresses that she wore and her white dress. She didn't want me to use her photo's so I didn't. I was mad at her when she said no because now you can't see how beautiful the dresses were because they are kind traditional.

Oh I forgot to say that my sister said her 'yes'-word in May! Technically she was already married but the actual wedding was in November.

I hope you had a lovely week! If there are any questions about Moroccan weddings our if I didn't explain something clear enough feel free to ask me them! I love to hear it.

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