5 Summer Essentials We All Need

Hello Humans!

It has been sooooo long, OMG I missed you guys! How has it been? How is life at the moment? I finished my exams so my vacation has already started but we seniors still live in fear because we don't know if we passed it or not! I hope I finally pass my exams and graduate because I really want to go to college so bad.

Okay enough about me, summer is coming near and we have to be prepared for it! I have 10 summer essentials for if you go on a holiday or just go sightseeing in your city! Let's get into the summer spirit!

1. Sunglasses

If I think about summer, the first thing that pops up in my head are sunglasses. I love my sunglasses and I love them even more if they fit with my outfit. The ones on the photo are from Primark. Notice: everything I buy is from the Primark so you have been warned. These sunglasses are very cool on my face and the black one is amazing because no one can see your eyes which I think is amazing because sometimes I just want to watch people without them knowing I am watching them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. You do have to check the UV-rate because how higher the protection how better it is for your eyes.

2. Sunscreen

I don't own any sunscreen at the moment because I don't ever go outside because it's Ramadan (If you want me to make a post about it please let me know because I would love to explain it ans stuff.) But After Ramadan I will go on vacation to Morocco and oh my god guys it's bloody hot there. Sunscreen is actually pretty important if you want your skin to be healthy. Also I burn so fast even Gordon Ramsey would roast the shit out of me. Anyways, If you are pale, sunscreen is your best friend. Sometimes I still get sunburned even though I apply sunscreen, what a wonderful life I have.

3. Sandals (& other shoes)

Shoes are pretty important in summer. Okay that sounds weird, shoes are always important. But in summer you have so many shoes for different events. If I go to the beach for example, I will definitely wear flip flops. It is not summer if you don't own any flip flops. every year I buy new ones because flip flops are a once-in-a-year thing. Also every year they are new cute ones that I can't resist not buying. If I go for a long walk, I would wear like the shoes on the picture or some low All Stars from Converse. Those are very comfy and I really want to buy the white ones this year, I have the black ones. If you go just for a quick run to a shop or hangout with your friends, I wear sandals. Simple sandals that are comfy and for not standing too long. I call these everyday shoes in the summer. I wear them a lot if I go anywhere and I know I don't have to stand for quite a bit of time.

Here are some examples of shoes I would wear, ps. I found these on Google so I don't know where to buy them except for the Converse, Sperry's and the Billabong:

4. Swimwear

Summer without swimming isn't summer I say. Even though some people won't agree with me on this because not everyone like swimming. But you don't have to like swimming because sunbathing is enough to wear a swimsuit of bikini. I prefer a tankini but with shorts, I don't know It's just my style. I do have to buy a new one this year because I don't like mine anymore. Every year I see always some cute bikini's and swimsuits and that's why I love fashion. I just changes all the time without us realising it.

5. Camera

And last but most definitely by no means least, a camera. I think that capturing the fun moments in summer is so important. Most people have the time of their lives in summer. And of course you want to look back on it with some pictures. You can use your phone of course but to make it a little bit more special I would recommend a Polaroid camera. They are just so fun and easy to use and bring with you! I hate that film is expensive though. I am still thinking if I should buy a Polaroid camera or just a camera for starters. I really am into photography lately. I love capturing moments to look later back on. If you have an tips for me please let me know, I am still struggling here.

Which one should I buy?

I really am in the summer spirit right now! Soon I will be shopping new stuff and I will make a blog post about it. Do you have any summer essentials that I forgot to mention? Of course I didn't mention everything, but you know what they say: sharing is caring.

Thank you all so much for the support and I am so happy being back here with you guys! I appreciate every single one of you!

I hope I made your Monday a little bit better, have a nice week my friend!

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Sofia Without Knowledge

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